We have been used Wicket for developing our web applications so far and 
currently we are trying to tackle one issue where an optional language 
parameters comes in the url for all applications. We are trying to see how can 
we customize our applications to have a common page mapper or common processor 
which interprets the request first to identify if there is any language 
parameter that is being passed and if not just resolve the page usually however 
wicket does it.

Let me detail it further with an example. For example, if we have two web 
application say FirstApp and SecondApp that are running in our environment 
associated to their own contexts.

Now for FirstApp, lets say we have following mountPage option in that 
particular webapplication:
mountPage("/firstpage/${someinput}", FirstPage.class);

And for SecondApp, lets say we have following mountPage option in that 
particular webapplication:
mountPage("/secondpage/${someinput}", SecondPage.class);

Now say,
http://www.abcd.com/firstpage/xyz -> goes to First application and it resolves 
to that FirstPage and does whatever it is supposed to do
http://www.abcd.com/secondpage/xyz -> goes to Second application and it 
resolves to that SecondPage and does whatever it is supposed to do

Now if we have a optional language parameter in the request path, how can we 
handle request mapping for that case without altering those applications mount 


Now, I know that we can change mount options as follows and tackle that each 
application will expect an optional language param.

mountPage("/#{language}/firstpage/${someinput}", FirstPage.class);
mountPage("/#{language}/secondpage/${someinput}", SecondPage.class);

But is it possible to handle it before even the request comes to WicketFilter? 
If yes, can anyone share any thoughts or views on that. I am not looking to 
edit all webapplications and all page paths to edit and add that optional 
language param, instead if I can handle the request url before even 
wicketFilter tries to resolve that page.. it would help. Also, I am stressing 
if that can be a common level because we might have multiple applications 
coming up and we want to tackle that issue in a common place..

Any pointers will be of great help.. Appreciate you help in advance.


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