Thanks for the link!

This is really interesting and I think I will adapt this.
Unfortunately I am not sure if this addresses my original Problem.

What I need is a kind of code, like this:

// start page...

// verify that after initial page rendering, the selected item in the
DropDown equals the pageModel's

As described before, I had a problem in the equals. This resulted in
myChoice being let's say "red" and the DropDown containing "red" "black"
"blue", but "please select" was rendered in the DDC, because myChoice("red")
was not equal to dropChoice("red").

Sorry for the pseudo code :-)

So the DDC could not find out that the "red" of my model was the same as the
"red" in the choices list.
Of course this would be a stupid bug, but i would like to protect my code
against fellows changing the equals behavior.

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