Right now I'm migrating a application from wicket -1.4.x. to 1.5.8.

We use wiQuery 1.5.7 (which depends on jQuery 1.6.4) in our project mainly
for the date picker component.
We also use jQuery 1.7.1 directly. The jQuery resource reference shall be
added in the "renderHead" method of our base page.

This use to work fine in wicket-1.4.x (of course with the older wiQuery

But wiQuery components (date picker) are not displayed after migrating to
wicket 1.5.8.
Please note that when a wiQuery component is used in a page, it shall add
it's bundled jQuery reference to head.
May be there's a conflict between the jQuery versions, which I'm not sure.

I also noted that in such cases, wiQuery's jQuery reference takes
precedence rather than the one in my base page.
May be the order in which the header contributions are added is causing the

When I don't add jQuery-1.7.1 in my base page, wiQuery components are
displayed properly.
But we do need jQuery reference to be added irrespective of whether the
page uses wiQuery components or not as we use some of the jQuery functions
in our pages.

Instructing wiQuery not to add jQuery reference doesn't help either.

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