Hi wickers !

I'm using wicket 6, if anyone can help with a problem with mapping pages and 
web resources
I've been reading about it, but I can't find a way to make a web work as I want
+ http://wicketinaction.com/2011/07/wicket-1-5-mounting-pages/
+ http://wicketinaction.com/2011/07/wicket-1-5-request-mapper/
+ https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/WICKET/Request+mapping

I want to have two pages, Page1.class and Page2.class, Page1.class will collect 
every petition, except '/mynews' that will be answered by Page2.class and 
images and other resources (javascript, flash and videos, etc. )

In my WebApplication class, in the init() method, I've tried:

public void init() {
  mount(new MountedMapper("/${parameter1}/#{parameter2}",Page1.class)); 
  mount(new MountedMapper("/${parameter1}",Page1.class)); 
  mount(new MountedMapper("/myNews", Page2.class));

But always answers Page1.class
I've tried the opposite: to mount Page2.class first, and other combinations; 
the result is the same.

¿ anyone knows why ? 

Also, sometimes the url {Page1.class}/var1/var2 is redirected to 
{Page1.class}?parameter1=var1&parameter2=var2 this is a thing I hate specially

Thank for your help

    > > > Oscar Besga Arcauz  < < < 
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