Think for a moment about what you are asking: a bookmarkable page link
with a session relative component. Bookmarkable page link's URLs are
*bookmarkable*. They can be stored in favorites, and opened two
seconds, two weeks or two years from now.

What does the page ID point to in 2 weeks? Or 2 years from now?
Bookmarkable links and session relative stuff don't mix.

So instead of encoding such in the URL, why not let your base page (or
something similar) query the page store for a page of a certain type,
and get a page reference to that.


 Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 6:03 PM, Leonardo D'Alimonte
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm working on the migration of our project from Wicket 1.4 to Wicket 1.5
> and I'm trying to fix support of a 'back' link, that before was implemented
> using PageMap and now.....well, PageMap are gone!
> I read on different forums that PageReference could be an answer to my
> problem by calling inside onClick method
> setResponsePage(pageReference.getPage())....but I cannot still understand
> how I can pass a PageReference to a BookmarkablePageLink.
> Is there a quick way to build a 'back' link with Wicket 1.5?
> Thanks in advance for your answer!
> Leonardo
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