WicketStuff Core projects version 6.2.0 have been released and shortly
will be available at Maven Central repository.
They are built against Apache Wicket 6.2.0.

The changelog is:

Michael Mosmann (39):
      cherry pick from serializer-kryo2
      serializer-kryo readme changed to new version
      serializer-kryo readme changed to new version
      pom version fix
      tests are green
      [serializer-kryo2] cherry pick from core-1.5.x
      package rename
      inspection listener
      inspection listener
      analyzing stuff
      type size report
      formated report
      processor refactoring
      reporting done
      serializble removed
      package refactor
      tree filter
      tree filter
      tree builder
      tests done
      changed some tests
      wicket code format
      use real types
      tree walker level type
      tree proessing should work
      filtered reports
      serial exception handling
      fixed error level
      some more tests
      report builder works
      report refactor done
      reporting cleanup
      listener threadlocal handling
      last functional changes
      java doc
      lic header added
      pre merge to core-1.5.x
      Merge remote-tracking branch

Martin Tzvetanov Grigorov (3):
      Remove a trailing semicolon from the url
      issue #158
      Set version to 6.2.0

ernestor (3):
      got rid of unused import
      forgot to initialize thread local.

inaiat (3):
      [lightbox2] lightbox2 plugin integration
      [lightbox2] lightbox2 plugin integration
      [lightbox2] wicket code formatter

=Tom B (1):
      [InMethod Grid] fix for LinkColumns to correctly display links
on EditableDataGrids after a selection for update     javadoc

Bruno Borges (1):
      Added new labelf method to support functional getter

Martin Grigorov (1):
      Merge pull request #157 from Bols/master

Trond Bolsø (1):
      Support scrolled modal windows for completion list

The projects can be retrieved from Maven like this:


The release tag is here:

Issues can be reported here: https://github.com/wicketstuff/core/issues

The Project Wiki is available here: https://github.com/wicketstuff/core/wiki

The WicketStuff team!

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