Hi Tim,

I ran into the same question a couple of days ago, and in what maybe 
constitutes overkill for a simpler solution I didn't see, I looked at 
CssResourceReference and reused as much of the code as seemed to be 
necessary to make a FaviconResourceReference: 


With it, you can put your favicon.ico where you said you would, create a

  FaviconResourceReference feedReaderFavicon = new FaviconResourceReference
      (FeedReader.class, "resources/favicon.ico");

and add


to your page's (overridden) renderHead method, just as you would with a 
page-specific CSS resource.


On Sat, 24 Nov 2012 21:36:14 +0100, Tim Van Meerbeeck wrote:

> Hi
> I got a question about wicket 6 and adding a favicon.ico:
> I am trying to use a StringHeaderItem but I want the favicon.ico to be in
> the resources folder (normal page:
> http://localhost/whatever/page?0standard wicket resource directory:
> http://localhost/whatever/resources/*). I think I should use a
> ContextRelativeResource to point to the favico but you can'( point that in
> stringheaderitem.
> I am looking at the best way to do this in Wicket 6 and above. for earlier
> versions of wicket I found some things on the net but version 6 changed
> things around and I suppose this will be easy but I can't find it.
> Any help is appreciated
> Tim Van Meerbeeck

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