I was wondering what the best was to duplicate or clone wicket components. I 
need guidance as to the best way to do this.

I have, on my screen two 'navigation panels' that are identical - one at the 
top of the page, another at the bottom. They contain dropdown choice fields 
that, when 'onchange' event occurs, it triggers an ajax request that redirects 
the user to another page.

As, in order to create the navigation panels - I have to visit the DB, and 
create them dynamically, so it doesn't make sense to perform this operation 
twice. Also they generate a large amount of HTML, in order render them, so it 
seems sensible to do as much as I can on the client side.

The idea was - I generate the components once, and then clone them on the 
client side. This saves going to the DB twice and rendering them twice. I've 
attempted to use jquery's clone function as; clone(), clone(true) and 
clone(true, true) - but none work. The elements are copied, but the ajax 
actions never execute onchange.

Is there another way to do this that works? A more wicket-centric way?


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