If you are using Wicket with a Tomcat-based server like TomEE maybe you could find helpful my example project on integrating OpenEJB and Wicket: https://github.com/bitstorm/Wicket-tutorial-examples/tree/master/CdiInjectionExample.


- this is for jboss, but there's something for using it in tomcat as
well, and it's possible to replace weld-related stuff with

Most of solutions I found are using Weld, but you actually don't need
it. You can use Openwebbeans (tomee) as well, as Igor states out:

I'm not using maven since it made me feel from time to time loosing
control, but it should work. I added some libraries (to tomcat/lib),
added some code to HomePage.java and all was fine. Making it work for
wicket WebSessions as well was a little harder, but I had it solved
(thanks to this mailing list), so you might check out the recent
archives of this list
(http://wicket-users.markmail.org/search/?q=injector.get%28%29). I
posted most of my code yesterday (to solve the issue with injection in
WebSession). I can send the configurations this afternoon - it's
morning now - and check how it made it work with tomee.


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