Hi Ernesto,

Thanks but this isn't really what I was looking for as it is too simple to remove the Modal Window from the DOM tree and see the already rendered hidden page without entering a PIN.

I'd use normal Modal Windows for every link to the PIN protected page but this wouldn't cover bookmarks. A >>RestartResponseWithInterceptComponentException(Component component)<< would be marvellous which re-renders the current page and injects the given component but this is just fantasy. So I'll have to give this another thought or two.


Am 28.11.2012 13:36, schrieb Ernesto Reinaldo Barreiro:


Opening a modal window on page load (no AJAX involved)

You could use one to "block" the page till pin is typed.

On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 1:29 PM, Karsten Gaul <karsten.g...@exedio.com>wrote:

Hi everyone,

I'm currently building an application using wicket 1.4.21 and what I'm
trying to achieve is the following:

I have a protected area (stage 1) which requires the user to input his
credentials and I'm using an AuthorizationStrategy for this. This Strategy
throws a RestartResponseAtInterceptPage**Exception in it's
onUnauthorizedInstantiation method. (works as is with a redirect to a Login

However, within stage 1 I have links to another page (stage 2) which
requires a PIN and I want no redirect to the login page again but just show
a pop-up with an input field. Something like a confirmation dialog which on
close still displays the page the link to stage 2 was rendered in.

Any ideas?


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