I've created a FormComponentPanel with 2 text boxes: A & B. I've add this
new FormComponentPanel to my page twice: 1 & 2. What I'd like to have
happen is when I change the value of 1A I want that same value copied into

I call setOutputMarkupId to true on 1A, 1B, 2A, and 2B. I setup
an AjaxEventBehavior on panel 1 and it fires as expected. However, inside
of the onEvent method all of the model instances I try to obtain are always
null (therefore preventing me from setting 2A). I've tried getting the
form's model object, the model object for panel 1, and even the model
object for A1... everything is always null.

Is there some method of FormComponentPanel that I'm not overriding that I
need to be? Any thoughts on how to make this work?



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