Thank you for your reply before. I did not change anything in firefox. If I 
have to, I can't use this feature. 
I doubt if the problem caused from firefox. When the quickstart deployed in my 
localhost (both tomcat and jetty), it run well in firefox. 

 From: Andreas Kuhtz <andreas.ku...@gmail.com>
To: users@wicket.apache.org; Noven <noven_...@yahoo.com> 
Sent: Monday, December 24, 2012 5:21 PM
Subject: Re: Wicket Atmosphere does not run in Firefox 17


Have you configured a proxy in firefox? if so, you may enable the "ws://*" to 
use the proxy, not only http and https.
Hope this helps.


2012/12/24 Noven <noven_...@yahoo.com>

Hi All,
>I just tried deploy the wicket-atmosphere-quickstart here at 
>http://api.bola54.com into tomcat v.7.0.32
>It's able run well on safari and chrome, but fail run on newest firefox v.17.
>By using the same tomcat version, I am able to run it on firefox v.17 in my 
>localhost but failed at http://api.bola54.com.
>Did anybody know this issue before?
>Thank you.

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