Hi Sven,

I did try redirecting a couple of ways with no success.  I tried throwing
a RestartResponseException which didn't work, then tried
setResponsePage(Š) to the same page and that didn't work either.  I was
still forced to press the "Clear" action again to see the cookies


On 1/3/13 1:04 PM, "Sven Meier" <s...@meiers.net> wrote:

>Hi James,
>deleting a cookie on the response doesn't change the cookies in the HTTP
>A redirect should help to get a fresh cookie list from the browser.
>On 01/03/2013 08:29 PM, Corbin, James wrote:
>> This is a rehash of a previous discussion on this forum relating to
>>immediate removal of a browser cookie.
>> I have a list view that displays data loaded from 1 or more browser
>>cookies.  On this panel I also have a "clear" action (Link) that when
>>clicked deletes the cookies.  The underlying list view model is detached
>>which forces (verified) the cookies to be re-read.
>> The problem is that when I re-read them after deleting them from the
>>response, they are still present.  If I then execute the clear action
>>again, the list view is refreshed again and the cookies are no longer
>> I'm not sure what is going on here.  Are they being cached, is it a
>>timing issue?  Why on the second "clear" action does it finally indicate
>>the cookies have been removed.
>> My immediate need is to be able to delete the cookies, refresh the list
>>view, and see that they are no longer present (no data rows in list
>> J.D.
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