Hey Bertrand,

I do get
No suitable constructor found for injection target class : [class
org.apache.wicket.cdi.DetachEventEmitter]. produce() method does not
I don't think it matters a lot. I must be something like: it doesn't
find the right constructor for the annotated type (maybe something
with non-empty wicket constructors, but actually, I have not really a
clue, it's just openejb throwing some 'info' at you, no warnings :) ).

However, I don't get any other errors. I don't think you really need
'seam-conversation-owb' to make conversation scope etc working. The
only seam-library I use is (although I didn't test conversation

I'm not using maven, so I can't help you out with that part, but if
you can't get it working, I probably still have a mwe at home... I
might put it online this weekend somewhere.

Good luck,
Kurt Sys

2013/1/3 Bertrand Guay-Paquet <ber...@step.polymtl.ca>:
> Thanks to you both for you help.
> Here's what I did so far:
> -Upgraded from TomEE 1.0.0 to 1.5.1 (not sure if that made a change, but it
> was a todo anyway)
> -Removing the seam-conversation-weld dependency
> -Finally, added the following section to my pom:
> <dependencyManagement>
> <dependencies>
>     <dependency>
>         <artifactId>cdi-api</artifactId>
>         <groupId>javax.enterprise</groupId>
>         <scope>provided</scope>
>     </dependency>
> </dependencies>
> </dependencyManagement>
> wicket-cdi includes this dependency as "compile" but it is provided by the
> Java EE container.
> Igor: perhaps you could modify your blog post to include the info about
> changing the scope of cdi-api?
> With these changes, I can get @RequestScoped, @SessionScoped and
> @ApplicationScoped working, although with warnings. I get a ton of log
> messages of the following type:
> org.apache.webbeans.component.creation.AnnotatedTypeBeanCreatorImpl
> defineConstructor
> INFO: No suitable constructor found for injection target class : [class
> org.apache.wicket.cdi.DetachEventEmitter]. produce() method does not work!
> I can't understand why I get these or what they mean.
> As for the conversion scope, from what I understand I should simply have to
> replace the seam-conversation-weld dependency with seam-conversation-owb to
> run with OpenWebBeans (used by TomEE). However, when I do that, all wicket
> pages throw an exception:
> java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:
> org.apache.webbeans.conversation.ConversationManager.getInstance()Lorg/apache/webbeans/conversation/ConversationManager;
> org.jboss.seam.conversation.plugins.openwebbeans.OpenWebBeansSeamConversationManager.doActivate(OpenWebBeansSeamConversationManager.java:41)
> org.jboss.seam.conversation.plugins.openwebbeans.OpenWebBeansHttpSeamConversationContext.doActivate(OpenWebBeansHttpSeamConversationContext.java:44)
> org.jboss.seam.conversation.api.AbstractSeamConversationContext.activate(AbstractSeamConversationContext.java:54)
> org.apache.wicket.cdi.CdiContainer.activateConversationalContext(CdiContainer.java:94)
> org.apache.wicket.cdi.ConversationPropagator.activateConversationIfNeeded(ConversationPropagator.java:147)
> org.apache.wicket.cdi.ConversationPropagator.onRequestHandlerResolved(ConversationPropagator.java:123)
> org.apache.wicket.request.cycle.RequestCycleListenerCollection$5.notify(RequestCycleListenerCollection.java:155)
> I don't need conversion scope right now, but all these warnings and errors
> worry me.
> Kurt, do you get all these errors?
> Regards,
> Bertrand

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