Your investigation is fully correct!
I think you can overcome this by adding an invisible panel. I.e. at the
server side add "style='display:none'" to the Panel. Wicket JS will replace
the old with the new one and then your fadeIn effect will show it.

On Mon, Jan 7, 2013 at 3:01 PM, Carlson Weber <carlso...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey there!
> I've been digging the internet for a solution for this problem, did a lot
> of debugging on Wicket's javascripts and I am almost reaching a dead end.
> I have a very simple test case: A page with a Label and a Link. When I
> click this link, I want that the label change it's caption using the fadeIn
> jQuery effect.
> The workflow is that:
> * Hide the label with jQuery.hide();
> * Change the label text to the new one;
> * As the element is hidden on the first step, I can now show the element
> using jQuery.fadeIn();
> The problem is that when Wicket has any component on the AjaxRequestTarget,
> it is deleting the current DOM and inserting in its place a brand new
> element. I can hide the component before the Wicket.DOM.replace call, but
> it's useless, because when Wicket creates the new component, it is visible
> again. And because of that, obviously, fadeIn has no effect, because Wicket
> already is showing my element.
> Do you guys have any solution to do this? What I want to reach finally is
> that: I have a panel in my application and when I click an AjaxSubmitLink,
> I want to replace this entire panel with a new one and I want that this
> panel will slide to its place.
> By the way, I saw that wicket has the function Wicket.Events.subscribe with
> events /dom/node/removing and /dom/node/added. The problem is that if I
> attach my fadeIn function to the "added" event, the component is already
> visible and the effect won't take place, because Wicket first adds the
> component to DOM and after that it notifies /dom/node/added.
> Thanks in advance!
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