While testing wicket-cdi, I created a small test app available at :

It mostly follows the article from https://www.42lines.net/2011/11/15/integrating-cdi-into-wicket/ and it runs both in jetty and TomEE. Following my posts on this mailing list regarding cdi, I'm making this available for others who want a working example.

@RequestScoped, @SessionScoped and @ApplicationScoped all work properly. I couldn't get the conversation scope working yet; adding the necessary "seam-conversation-owb" maven dependency causes an exception in TomEE when pages are requested. I haven't tried it with Jetty.

Currently, with TomEE 1.5.1 (and therefore OpenWebBeans), there are many warnings/info messages of this sort: org.apache.webbeans.component.creation.AnnotatedTypeBeanCreatorImpl defineConstructor INFO: No suitable constructor found for injection target class : [class org.apache.wicket.cdi.DetachEventEmitter]. produce() method does not work

See this thread for more info about those warnings: http://openejb.979440.n4.nabble.com/TomEE-CDI-Wicket-no-suitable-constructor-for-injection-tc4660081.html


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