All you need is to wrap it in <wicket:link><img
This way Wicket will search for img/logo.png in the same folder where the
current .html is.

On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 2:52 PM, Boris Goldowsky <>wrote:

> Hi all -
> Trying to upgrade a number of wicket applications from 1.4 to wicket 1.5,
> and then once that's working, to 6.x.
> One thing we want to handle is having any reference in the markup such as
> <img src="img/logo.png"/>  be able to find that image in a filesystem
> directory known to the application.  There are  also js and css
> directories.  These are not inside WEB-INF, not in the classpath or
> anything like that, just out in the server's filesystem.
> In Wicket 1.4 we handled this as follows:
> Add the parent directory of img, js, and css to
> getResourceSettings().addResourceFolder(...)
> Define a subclass of URIRequestTargetUrlCodingStrategy whose decode()
> method did this:
>         return new ResourceStreamRequestTarget(new
> PackageResourceStream(Application.class, "/" + getMountPath() + "/" + path))
> and set some caching headers.
> Mount this URIRequestTargetUrlCodingStrategy on the "img" path, the "js"
> path, and the "css" path.
> I am not sure how to accompish this in 1.5 or 6.x.  Can someone help me
> either translate the above strategy, or point out how to use the new
> request-mapping setup to make it simpler and clearer?
> BTW I did study
> , but
> that is for dynamic images.  Great for database images, but it does not
> take advantage of wicket's understanding of files - their modification
> dates, caching strategies, determining their mime types, etc.   I feel like
> what I want is a superclass of PackageResource that understands files but
> does not make the "package" assumption - but there is no such superclass.
> Bng
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