Hello *,

I'm trying to understand repeaters and DataTable from WicketExamples. I'm 
definitely having a hard time...


The running example shows a nice table with sorting column headers. However 
looking at what pretends to be the corresponding source code, I can't find 
where the DataTablePage code adds the sorting table headers, nor where any 
third parties eventually refer to both DataTablePage and SortingPage, the 
latter being the only place where I see the headers being added. Likewise, 
DataTablePage is the only place where I see the CSV exporter being added, but 
the running example has both sorting columns and CSV exporter in the same 

I've tried copying DataTable.java in my application and adapting it, but (as 
expected) the resulting table has no sorting headers, though it does use a 
SortableDataProvider (same provider being used by SortingPage).

Please help...

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