Point 2 is connected with this issue 
I've downloaded sources and applied patch (it seems that project is no more 
developed) and it helped, but framework did not work correctly due to conflicts 
with my custom jQuery.
Switching back to non-conflict mode helped.

Best regards,

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> Sent: Friday, January 18, 2013 9:49
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> Subject: jqwicket questions
> Hi,
> Jqwicket has several components that I would like to use (CKEditor,
> MaskedInput, maybe later other), but I see some issues:
> 1.      Is there an option to use jqwicket components (maybe other
> project?) without incorporating/integrating jqwicket jquery?
> If not, then:
> 2.      When I want to use jqwicket with custom jQuery (local copy)
> using constructor with JS resource reference I get "url cannot be empty
> or null" exception.
> See http://code.google.com/p/jqwicket/issues/detail?id=29 In fact when
> you use JS resource reference constructor core jquery url var is left
> null. Is is possible to use jqwicket with custom jquery without
> problems? I saw on the home page that newest 0.8 version supports
> Wicket 1.5.3. Maybe it is connected, as I use newer Wicket version
> (1.5.9).
> 3.      I cannot use custom jquery so I configure non-conflicting alias
> with "JQContributionConfig().enableNonConflictMode( "jq"
> ).withDefaultJQueryUi();"
> It seems that components are working, but I see in wicket debug window
> JS error saying that "jq" is not defined. For Jqwicket behavior I see
> no error.
> Best regards,
> Michal Wegrzyn

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