Thanks, I passed in the wrong component for replacement :)

On 01/23/2013 08:15 PM, Bas Gooren wrote:
Is PlaceholderPanel a component defined by your application?

It does not allow nested wicket components.

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Bas Gooren

Op 23-1-2013 20:03, schreef Thies Edeling:
With Wicket 6.5.0 I get a "close tag not found" error in one of my panels (worked for 1.4.x). Looking at the markup I don't see any obvious problems.

 Unexpected RuntimeException

Last cause: Close tag not found for tag: <wicket:container wicket:id="projectStatus" id="id012">. For PlaceholderPanel Components only raw markup is allow in between the tags but not other Wicket Component. Component: [PlaceholderPanel [Component id = 0]]


The problem is in "file:/data/thies/projects/ehour/src/ehour_w15/eHour-wicketweb/target/classes/net/rrm/ehour/ui/timesheet/panel/ProjectOverviewPanel.html":

<wicket:container wicket:id="projectStatus"> <div class="AggregateRow"> <div class="foldCell"><a wicket:id="foldLink"><img border="0" src="img/icon_up_off.gif" wicket:id="foldImg"/></a></div> <div class="textCell" style="width: 22%" wicket:id="customerName">[customerName]</div> <div class="textCell" style="width:15%" wicket:id="projectCode">[projectCode]</div> <div class="textCell" style="overflow:hidden;cursor:pointer" wicket:id="projectNameContainer"><span wicket:id="projectName">[project name]</span></div> <div class="numbCell" style="width:10%" wicket:id="rate"></div> <div class="numbCell" style="width:8%" wicket:id="monthHours">24.50</div> <div class="numbCell" style="width: 19%" wicket:id="turnover">&euro; 16.000</div> </div> <span wicket:id="summaryRow"></span> </wicket:container>

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