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> Hi Ernesto, Hi Martin,
> Thank you very much for your inputs!! Then, I agree on the architecture,
> and will generalize this, as part of the upgrade to jQuery UI 1.10.
> @Ernesto, glad to read you like the demo app! :) I would like to redesign
> it in a little bit more sexy way, but I don't do what I want with the
> time... (unfortunately)

Demo is already quite nice as it is!

> What does prevent you to make a demo of wiquery components? Lack of time?

Lack of time mainly: I'm twice father, once husband, I'm also getting old
and I need to earn some money by the end of the month;-)... Seriously,
whenever I have a bit of free time I do prefer to fix something or add a
new feature than creating a demo...

> Or is it a technical issue? (your server seems to be IIS7 - with a nice 404
> at root by the way)

Yes! I have to fix that when I find some time. It should point to


which isn't finished either...


If this is this second case, and if you do not have your own server
> already, maybe can I host your webapp if you need/wish... Feel free to
> contact me in PM about this.

Thank you very much for your offer! I'm already paying for  that
(modest) hosting myself.

Regards - Ernesto Reinaldo Barreiro
Antilia Soft
http://antiliasoft.com/ <http://antiliasoft.com/antilia>

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