More details:

*I have this html code*

embed id="Pdf" wicket:id="bill_pdf" width="1090px" type="application/pdf"

*related to*

add(new Label("bill_pdf") {

    protected void onComponentTag(final ComponentTag tag){
        PageParameters pageParameters = new PageParameters();
        pageParameters.add(Constants.ID_BILL_PARAM, bill.getId());
       tag.put("src", urlFor(BillPdf.class, pageParameters) +


the url points to BillPdf (@see previous code).

About the issue.
I can't reproduce it on my computer. My colleague can.
*It happens only in IE8 kiosk-mode.
On ff, chrome, ie9, ie8 (non-kiosk-mode) works fine*
In production we have that error (and the pdf it's not delivered) from time
to time and not on all stations(3 out of 10.

I've noticed that wicket has some browser specific code in some classes.
If someone knows any reported bug about this (on IE) or I'm using wicket in
a wrong way, please tell me.

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