Ok, it's a little complicated to create the metadata

If I'm rigth, the process is - for example when click on an AjaxLink into the 

1- Execute the method onClick of the AjaxLink
2- Send an event to all the components of the page (the page itself included, 
on first place, but not other pages ?),
   - The source of the event is the page itself
   - The type of broadcast is BREADTH 
   - The payload is the AjaxRequestTarget (from the onclick method call)

/******** EXAMPLE OF DATA ************/
public class MyEventData {
    static  MetaDataKey<MyEventData> METAKEY_MYEVENTDATA = new 
    String s = "";

    public MyEventData(){}
    public MyEventData(String s) {
        this.s = s;

    public MetaDataKey<MyEventData> getWicketMetadataData(){
        // A little complicated
        MetaDataKey<MyEventData> key = new MetaDataKey<MyEventData>(){};
        MetaDataEntry<MyEventData> metaDataEntry = new 
        MetaDataEntry<MyEventData>[] arrayMetaDataEntry =  new 
        return key;
    public void setIntoRequest(RequestCycle rc){
    public static MyEventData getFromRequest(RequestCycle rc){
        return rc.getMetaData(METAKEY_MYEVENTDATA);

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Hi Oscar,

On Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 12:54 PM, Oscar Besga Arcauz <obe...@isdefe.es>wrote:

>  Hi wickers !
> I was wondering If there's any method to have request-scoped variables (
> as HttpServletRequest.get/setAttributes )
> Specially with AjaxRequestTarget, in AJAX calls.
Maybe RequestCycle#setMetaData might be useful for that.

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