I'm trying to select a item of inmethod grid after adding it in an ajax
call. Based on the current sort properties and filters, after I effectively
add the element in the database but in the same ajax call I'm determining
the element's page number and try to set it as current page in the grid. My
code works except in the case when the created element is in the last page
(the current grid page page count is cached internally in
AbstractPageableView.cachedPageCount). In this case the cachedPageCount is
equal to the create element page and when calling
grid.setCurrentPage(newPage) { ... if (page < 0 || page >= pageCount &&
pageCount > 0) ... } throws IndexOutOfBounds exception. I want to clear the
cachedPageCount somehow ... or maybe there is another solution? I want to
select the new page in the same ajax call. For the moment if I encounter
this situation I select the previous page ... but the my newly created
element is on the next one :(

Can somebody help me with some hints?

Thank you

Elvis Ciocoiu
Senior Consultant

Synthesys Consulting ROMANIA

address: http://www.synthesys.ro
e-mail: elvis.cioc...@synthesys.ro
mobile : (40) 0745 13 75 85

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