Hi Everybody!

We just migrated from Wicket 1.4 to Wicket 6.6.
In previous version we used IRequestCycleProcessor newRequestCycleProcessor() Now it is gone and all RequestCycle related methods in Application are final.

So we thought to add our own listener:
getRequestCycleListeners().add(new CustomRequestCycle(this));

but in documentation there is info that getRequestCycleListeners():
Returns the *unmodifiable* request list of IRequestCycleListeners in this application

And the question: so could I add or I couldn't my own listeners like this?

And the second question. I want to load a user with hibernate with every request.
And at the end of request null it.

Could I do something like this in RequestCycleListeners:
    public void onBeginRequest(RequestCycle cycle) {

    public void onEndRequest(RequestCycle cycle) {

Becouse I am not sure if RequestCycleListeners is just one for application
or unique for every session/user?

Thanks for help,

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