I would like to react on the onSubmit-method of an AjaxButton or normal Button. The problem is, I would like to make a panel (a customized progressbar) visible and after this there should be internal work and when it is finished, there should be a change to another page. If I try to put it all in the onSubmit-method then the calculation is done and the page is changed at the end of the request, but the panel is not changed to be visible before, because Wicket does it all in one request? If I change the visibility via an AjaxButton and do the calculation and the page change in an extra thread, then the panel is visible, the calculation is done, but the page change with setResponsePage does not work, because the request is already finished? How could I get the requested behaviour? Is there a possibility to add an AjaxOnChange-Listener to the panel, which reacts if the panel switches to visible or is there another good way?

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