I was just adding it to the constructor when I realized that some AJAX
aware panels need the extra <span>s otherwise the AJAX won't work. I
might have to rethink this one.

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>Since you have a base panel class, why not call setRenderBodyOnly() in
>onInitialize or onConfigure based whatever logic you planned to put in
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>Op 1-4-2013 19:20, schreef Chris Colman:
>> I've come across a HTML/CSS template that is sensitive to the <span>s
>> wicket places in various places and would like to do a global remove
>> of these but don't want to have to call setRenderBodyOnly(true) on
>> every component if I can avoid it.
>> I thought that maybe I could override getRenderBodyOnly in my app's
>> base panel class so that all panels are automagically affected but I
>> discovered that getRenderBodyOnly is marked as final in the
>> Is there any reason for this? It could be really useful to override
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