We use New Relic extensively, which allows us to (a) annotate key parts of the app we wish to monitor, and (b) allow profiling in production, if we ever need it.

I'm not affiliated with New Relic, just a happy user of it. Please note that it's not a free tool, but given the ease of use (it's very easy to set up) I've never looked back.

In case you want a free solution: run your app through a profiler to see where most time per request is spent.

Met vriendelijke groet,
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Bas Gooren

Op 1-4-2013 21:45, schreef Serban.Balamaci:
Hello guys,
I'm trying to have a finer look at what is taking time on the serverside in
our application.

What I have so far is that I'm using Spring AOP to track down calls to all
the methods and time to the Services layer. PS: I'm using JETM
http://jetm.void.fm/ (it may be old, but is simple and give pretty much what
you need).

2. I've collected the time for the whole request to process in a
AbstractRequestCycleListener onBeginRequest, onEndRequest so as to see a sum
of the total time spent on a particular usecase.

What I've expected to find is that most of the resulting time would be spent
in the services layer and pretty much summed up to be near the request time
on the requestcyclelistener.

Practical data shows however otherwise, with the sum of the service time not
even close to the total of the request time.

3. So I've fine tuned the result to also show the rendering time for the
components taking as example RenderPerformanceListener which measure the
time between component onBeforeRender and onAfterRender.
It's pretty nice to see in jetm hierarchycal component->services call,
however it still not nearly close to the whole request time.

I'm still looking and seeing that there is some logic also on some
component's constructors and also onInitialize() methods that I see no easy
way to measure them. IComponentInitializationListener seems to only trigger
after initialization, I see no  easy way to mark the start time of the
onInitialize() and collect the time in the listener.

So I'm asking if anyone got an idea, or I'm interested what you guys usually
do to track down any performance issues in the app.

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