>     2) It seems like sometimes empty Atmosphere messages are sent to a page
> when a filter rejected the specific message. For such events I have the
> following log record on the server [Atmosphere-AsyncWrite-1] INFO 
> o.a.w.atmosphere.AtmosphereBehavior - onBroadcast: 0<|msg|> and there is a
> JS error in a browser after receiveing the event
>     ERROR: Wicket.Ajax.Call.failure: Error while parsing response: Could not
> find root <ajax-response> element What is the purpose of sending empty
> messages to a browser?

I had similar issues, and after a short look at the EventBus class, it doesn't 
even seem as if empty subscription sets are handled specially at all. 
postToSingleResource() has special handling for the case that the UUID has 
become unknown, but an empty subscription set would still be passed to post() 
and handled in a normal request cycle.

As a first guess, I'd change the "else" at the bottom of postToSingleResource() 
into an "else if (!subscriptionsForPage.isEmpty())", i.e. not remove the 
atmosphere resource as for unknown UUIDs, but also not starting a request cycle.


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