Get rid of your newMarkupSourcingStrategy() override and place the HTML
right next to the Java source code and you'll be fine.

If you do not like the default location of the HTML next to your Java
classes, then read Chapter 4 of the Wicket user guide you can get for free
from wicket's website at:

~ Thank you,
  Paul Bors

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From: Andy Van Den Heuvel [] 
Sent: Monday, May 13, 2013 2:04 PM
Subject: Unknown tag name with Wicket namespace: 'panel'

I get an exception and it's not very clear to me what I'm doing wrong.

This is the exception:
Last cause: Unknown tag name with Wicket namespace: 'panel'. Might be you
haven't installed the appropriate resolver? '<wicket:panel>' (line 3, column

I'm trying to override the markupSourcingStrategy because i want this class
to have it's own html file. Anybody an idea? I use wicket-core 6.7.0.

This is my java file:
public class ExtBookMarkablePageLink<T> extends BookmarkablePageLink<T> {

private final Component label;
 public <C extends Page> ExtBookMarkablePageLink(String id, Class<C>
pageClass) {
this(id, pageClass, new PageParameters()); }  public <C extends Page>
ExtBookMarkablePageLink(String id, Class<C> pageClass, final PageParameters
parameters) { super(id, pageClass, parameters); add(label =
newLabel("label")); }
    protected Component newLabel(final String markupId) {
        return new Label(markupId, new

protected IMarkupSourcingStrategy newMarkupSourcingStrategy() { return new

    public ExtBookMarkablePageLink<T> setLabel(IModel<?> label) {
        return this;


and this my html file:
<!doctype html>
<html xmlns:wicket="";>
  <span wicket:id="label"></span>

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