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> Hi Bill
> I would also suggest you take a look at the Wicket-Bootstrap project by
> agilecoders for Bootstrap integration. Is very good and has a lot of the
> bootstrap components.
> http://wb.agilecoders.de/demo/ and https://github.com/l0rdn1kk0n/**
> wicket-bootstrap/ <https://github.com/l0rdn1kk0n/wicket-bootstrap/>

That's actually where I started, but they only support providing a list of
choices up-front instead of the callback. I was able to get the callback
working and with less StringBuilder hacky code by using
a separate javascript file and TextTemplate as suggested by Martin Grigorov.

I also tried to get the AutoCompleteTextField[1] component to work with
Bootstrap, but couldn't figure out how to make all the CSS happy. Someone
more familiar with both projects could probably pull it off though, and
that would make a nice addition to Wicket or wicket-bootstrap by the Apache
foundation [2].

Thanks for everyone's help...



[2] http://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.apache.wicket/wicket-bootstrap

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