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So I was able, through experimentation and heavy commenting in/out to narrow
it down.  It's an ajax behavior earlier in the page that is causing the
button to misbehave.  

                UserMultiSelect recipients = (UserMultiSelect)
                if(!model.isSingleRecipientMode()) {
//                      recipients.setEnabled(true);

I comment in that setEnabled and it fails.  I leave it out, and the event
works.  UserMultiSelect is a complex hybrid component that is used in a few
spots in the app, though i am the only one who has to disable and then
enable it based on user input.  It consists of a jQuery tab, a multiselect
box, a handful of combo boxes, a text field and a couple more multiselect

Why would enabling this panel cause the submit button to fail later on?  By
the way, I tried it without performing any events on the panel after it was
enabled and it still has the issue, so it's not like this enabling just made
some later event that was the real cause possible.

Does this help?

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