Up to recently we got away with running our unit tests fully integrated with
the back end db by performing live queries via our DAOs.

Due to recent changes to our product schema we run into the inevitable high
cost of having to spend too much time on maintain our mocked unit test data
straight into the db. To cut down on that cost I would like to start mocking
most of our DAOs that back-up the data tables in our product (gradually over


Which brings me to my question, what's the recommended approach from
Wicket's team (or users) on mocking the DAOs that are used by the data
providers of your data tables?


Our advantage is that we are using Spring and thus we could rely on
spring-test, its ReflectionTestUtils but I also took a look at Mockito,
EasyMock and such. 

I'm more curious as to what has been your experience in the past and what
would you consider to be the best approach?


~ Thank you,

    Paul Bors



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