Hi everyone,

I have a problem with textfield enabling/disabling and with update of the
appropriate model.

I have a wizzard with 3 steps:
- Step one: show some info fields
- Step two: let the user edit his info with textfields
- Step three: show the user new info.

Now I built an ajaxcheckbox in the form with input fileds. With the
checkbox I can manage what textfields are enabled or disabled. I made it
like described here :

But the Problem is, that the model of the disabled fields doesn't update
itself anymore. I have then following situation:

Step 1                   Step 2                           Step 3

info a                  field a                             new info a
info b                  field b                             new info b
info c                  field c - deaktvated           old info c

Is it possible to force the model to update itself? The textfields are in
the form and it is a ususal form handling.


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