I have a Panel (P1) which contains its own form (P1_F1).

The P1 panel also contains another panel inside itself, P1_A, which has its
own inner form (let's call it P1_A_F1).

Whenever the P_F1's validation is called, I also have to call the P1_A_F1
form validation. It doesn't get called automatically. How can I achieve

In the P1_F1, I am catching onValidate() and overriding it. The problem is,
to call the validate() method, I need a FormComponent, not a Form. So I can
find the right form to additionally validate, but the method is not
available without a FormComponent. Any ideas? Thanks

P1_F1's onValidate captured:

protected void onValidate() {
  Panel P1_A = (Panel)get("P1_A");
  Form P1_A_F1 = (Form)P1_A.get("P1_A_F1");
  // how to force validation now on P1_A_F1?

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