I'm currently investigating a bug in our application that is most likely caused by the very "brute-force" way I implemented a generic in-app bookmarking feature.

The basic requirement is something along the lines of "Users should be able to create an (internal) bookmark for virtually any Wicket page that can subsequently be shared with other users". Keep in mind that everything is happening inside our application, so no browser bookmarks/URLs involved.

I implemented this by serializing the current WebPage instance using XStream and storing it as a BLOB in the database. Users then basically share the DB primary key of this BLOB and whenever a user navigates to such a bookmark, I just de-serialize the WebPage instance and use "throw new RestartResponseException( deserializedPage )" to render it.

To create a new bookmark, the user clicks on an AJAX link that does

        final AjaxLink<String> link = new AjaxLink<String>("link") {
            public void onClick(AjaxRequestTarget target)
                final long bookmarkId = serializeCurrentPage();

It seems that my approach is quite fragile for certain constructs, for example when the page involves components that register AJAX behaviors / resource listeners in general. Since Wicket itself successfully uses serialization for page versioning, I suspect the issues I'm having are caused by serializing the page instance while the request processing is still in-transit.

Is there some way to safely hook into the processing of the current HTTP request and get hold of a serialized WebPage instance for my use-case ?

Thanks in advance,

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