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> Am 12.10.2013 21:58, schrieb Martin Grigorov:
> > The problem is that most of us use Tomcat/Jetty and we don't test other
> web
> > containers.
> Hi,
> I always saw the decision between full Java EE and Spring Framework, and
> Spring always made the impression to be a solution for all problems and
> you have to solve all problems with spring forever. So I didn't want to
> open this door.
> Some features of the big application servers where comfortable (CDI,
> transaction management, container based security) and I watched Adam
> Bien and started to shout Hallelujah after his videos ;-)
> Despite that I see the problems of a commitment to a single applications
> server and would like a small modular solution using Tomcat.
> My applications are business applications implementing a workflow based
> on CRUD operations with JPA on open source relational databases.
> Can you please give me some hints for a minimum stack of doing that with
> Tomcat without reinventing the wheel:
>  - with or without Spring?
>  - What are key libs (Guice, http://jotm.ow2.org/, ...)
>  - How do you it implement, what are your suggestions?
>  - What is important not to forget?

I personally prefer Spring for middleware.
You can take a look at
https://github.com/jWeekend/LegUp/tree/master/wicket-spring-jpa for a
simple app. It uses Spring for DI, Hibernate as JPA and transactions

I haven't used CDI professionally so I cannot comment on it. My only
experience is with Wicket CDI module and so far I haven't seen a feature
which is not supported already by Spring. I have seen problems with
different CDI implementations though.

I think you should use whatever you feel most comfortable with, i.e.
whatever you know the best and causes you the least troubles in your daily

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