Thanks Paul for your guidance.
After reading your link and other links on the web to understand stateful vs
stateless, it has lead me to other questions:

Currently my application is stateful.

1. Since I am authenticating my users, does it need to be stateful because
of authentication?
I have a User Session but I don't believe I really store anything useful
(except for user authentication) or need to store previous actions that a
user may do. Seems to me like I do create stateless links, ie. creating new
pages with a constructor and only passing in PageParameters and nothing

2. If I use sessions, does that mean my application cannot be stateless?

3. If my application needs to be stateful and I understand the article
properly, the reason why my refresh does not give me new data is because the
page versioning is giving me data that is at the current page version. So
how would I do it so that when there is a refresh then it would increment
the page version by one? Or should I never do that? Different way of going
about it?

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