No, actually not. We've got a complete layout for our web applications from
an external design company and they use this CSS+static image resource thing
quite often. And, as I have mentioned before, we have two Wicket web
applications running in the same container. One of them on the root context
and one of them on e.g. "/foo". If I start the application server (Tomcat)
and request the home page of the second application (e.g.
"/foo/uk/en/home.html") the first application is initialized too, just to
render the static placeholder image from the web container. I was wondering
why and started to do some investigation. If I would disable the first web
application (remove the servlet from web.xml), all works fine and even the
static image resource from the web container is delivered.
By the way ... I've finished to prepare a quickstart (see uploaded file). At the first glance all images were rendered. I've
added an additional mapper (the LocalMapper from the Wicket examples) to
simulate our Country/Language mapping solution and ... oh wonder ... the
second and third images are not rendered!

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