Hello *,

I need to build a page (maybe with Wicket, but not sure yet) that proxies 
another page on a different server that I do not own nor control in any way.

Some background: let's call "proxy" my (wicket?) page, let's call "backend" 
the other page.

Backend has a HTML form with three input fields and a submit button. When 
submitted, it shows a new form with two more input fields and a new submit 
button. The action URL of this second form changes with the previous three 
input fields. There are some fixed rules for this URL, but I don't know them. I 
only know that the same input values always yield the same action URL. When 
this second form is submitted, it shows a result from its database with a 
link. I need to take that link and save it in my database, in order to avoid 
filling in the two forms manually every time I need the link.

Now my idea is to create a proxy page that loads the backend html, filters it 
changing all the action="..." links and making them point to itself, so that 
it can intercept the form submission, act on its behalf, intercept the reply, 
save the result URL and show it to the final user.

It would probably easier to do that with some scripting language, but this toy 
will grow up and become something serious, so I'd prefer starting off with some 
serious tool... I already have my Wicket-centric codebase and I'd like to 
reuse it, you see, so many things already done, but I fail to understand how 
to generate HTML code in Wicket the way it's needed for this pourpose, and I 
wonder if Wicket makes sense at all in this case.

Any suggestions?

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