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> Hi,
> I haven't seen a web application that shows progress bar for download.
> The browser itself shows such information - Google Chrome in the
> bottom-left corner, Firefox in its download window/manager.

I'm not talking of a progress bar for download. I'm talking of showing a
progress bar for file generation (a file that takes too long to generate).
Once file is generated download will be triggered.  I have implemented a
similar use case several times before.

> > 1-Replace the download link by an AJAX link.
> > 2-Launch file generation on a background thread. Pass a class to this
> > thread that serves as context fro passing information from generating
> > thread with web threads (keeping a reference to thisi context on the
> page).
> > 3-Make a progress panel visible + an AJAX timer that pols the server for
> > progress.
> >
> Point 3) won't work if the file download is from a resource linked to the
> page. And it is thru DownloadLink.
> In this case the ajax timer won't be able to reach the page at all.

? Not following you. Page and thread generating the file will share a
context the file generating thread will use to update WEB threads about
status of generation (e.g. progress info). All the AJAX timer will do is
poll the page and ask for this information. Once file is generated timer
will disable itself and trigger download (or display a new panel with
download link). Again I have implemented something similar more than once
in my life.

> The app should use a mounted/shared resource.
> see wicket-extensions' UploadProgressBar and/or follow the progress of
> for example.
> Both
> are related to *upload*, not download.

Yes I know the limitation of serving resources from pages. Maybe one
variation of this is that the timer just points to the mounted resource in
order to trigger the actual download. That is not more difficult to achieve
that downloading from page.

Shall I build a small mini app illustrating this? Maybe it can be useful to
other users?

Regards - Ernesto Reinaldo Barreiro

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