Pages that are session-specific should not be cached in a way that allows
the cached response to be given to multiple users. Stateful forms are

On Tue, Nov 19, 2013 at 6:59 PM, Scott Carpenter <>wrote:

> I have a client Wicket web site and they are using Akamai for caching. They
> wanted to cache more aggressively but it seems there's an issue with
> expired sessions. When a user hits a cached version of a page with a form
> and tries to submit it, a 500 error is raised. (I'm relaying this from at
> least two sources removed, so by now I might have the details thoroughly
> obfuscated.)
> I was hoping from this list I could get some pointers on best taking
> advantage of Akamai, and how I might work around issues like this. Please
> let me know if and what further information would be useful in answering.
> Thank you!
> Scott

Jeremy Thomerson

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