To make this easier to understand, let's say that I have a list of state
abbreviations for example AL, AK, AZ, AR etcetera (the actual example has
two letter abbreviations also, but much longer names). I need a
DropDownChoice that shows the abbreviations for selection (e.g., AK) but
will show the full name as a tooltip whenever the mouse hovers over one of
the choice (e.g., AK shows Alaska). 


I have developed a solution that is based on the example presented here:

that develops a subclass of DropDownChoice and overrides  appendOptionHtml
to append a "title" to the buffer. My class takes a StateDisplay object as
its model, and the model has two fields, an "id" that is displayed in the
list, and a "fullName" which is added as the title by the appendOptionHtml


This works fine for displaying thedropdown with the  tooltip, but the
problem is that the model is a complex object( StateDisplay) with two
fields, but the underlying domain object needs a simple String with the
state ID.


Prior to implementing the tooltip, the DrowdownChoice was formed using:


Item.add(new DropDownChoice<String>("state", new
PropertyModel<String>((CompanyDTO) item.getDefaultModelObject(), "state"),


Note: "item "is there because this is used in the populateItem method of a


Now the code is:


Model< StateDisplay > selectedState = new Model<>();


ChoiceRenderer<StateDisplay> choiceRenderer = new
ChoiceRenderer<ModifierDisplayDto>("id", "id");


Item.add(new StateDropDownChoice< StateDisplay >("state", selectedState,
stateList, choiceRenderer));


After the selection is made the model (selectedState) is set to the chosen
StateDisplay, but there is no easy way to the simple String value set on
the CompanyDTO.


How can I make the dropdown selection update the domain model's simple




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