On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 3:29 PM, Rob Audenaerde <rob.audenae...@valuecare.nl
> wrote:

> I have a question on the AjaxSelfUpdatingTimerBehavior
> I have some memory issues and wondered in the behavior could cause this
> (on Jetty)
> When connected with jvisualvm I see the heap increasing each time the
> AjaxSelfUpdatingTimerBehavior is fired (with about 3M per request)
> Is that what I should see?

I have reproduced it in a quickstart.

The screenshot is here: http://www.audenaerde.org/ajax/screenshot.png
The quickstart can be found here: http://www.audenaerde.org/ajax/ajaxmemory.zip

Note that I am running in debug mode; but that should not matter I suppose. 
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