Hello everyone,

I already posted this on https://github.com/ivaynberg/wicket-select2/issues/83 
but thought I could mention it here also, as I’m not sure yet if the described 
problem is related to wicket-select2 or Wicket itself:

if my current session is already expired and I click a Select2Choice, Wicket 
creates an ajax response containing a redirect (see here: 
http://bit.ly/1flepiM) but this response is never digestet by 
wicket-ajax-jquery.js, because it is not even loaded on the current page (no 
ajax components/behaviors). Even if there are other ajax components on the page 
and wicket-ajax-jquery.js is loaded, processAjaxResponse is never called. The 
result is that the redirect is not happening and the select2 gets stuck (like 
this: http://bit.ly/1fligwv).

I created a quickstart to demonstrate this: http://bit.ly/1flfQOc (the session 
timeout is set to 1min in web.xml):

- open browser on localhost:8080
- wait for >1min
- click on select2
- look at response in e.g. firebug

Wicket identifies the request as „ajax“ because wicket-select2 sets the 
WebRequest.PARAM_AJAX parameter. If the request is processed correctly, the 
JSON response is returned and digested, but in case of a server-side error 
(e.g. PageExpiredException) the returned ajax response is not consumed 
(wicket-ajax-jquery.js not loaded) , as far as I do understand the code.

Any hints?


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