How should i impliment the ROl and Auth on the AbstractTab . 

Please find the below code for ref 

 final List tabs = new ArrayList(); 
 final AbstractTab ABCTab = new AbstractTab(new Model("ABC")) { 
          Public Panel getPanel(final String panelId) { 
                return ABCPanal(panelId, Main.this); 
     tabs.add(ABCTab ); 
        final AbstractTab XYXTab = new AbstractTab(new Model("XYZ")) { 
            public Panel getPanel(final String panelId) { 
                return new XYZPanal(panelId, Main.this); 
  final AjaxTabbedPanel tabPanel = new AjaxTabbedPanel("tabs", tabs); 

I have 2 tab on the page. How should i disable for one of the tab for
perticular rols 

I have tried with the 
MetaDataRoleAuthorizationStrategy.authorize(ABCTab,RENDER, "ADMIN"); 

but it is not working as it is Abstract Class and not the complonet. 

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