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I'm running integration tests with Selenium 2.41 over a web application whose interface is developed with Apache Wicket 6.14.0, and I created an instance of Selenium Firefox web driver this way:

protected WebDriver seleniumDriver = new FirefoxDriver();


I've a page creating a Wicket ModalWindow; by clicking a button it shows modal window page to edit or create something. This Modal window is very simple: has two input text fields and a Save button.

With Selenium I'm trying to type something into these text fields but I'm only able to access modal window so:

seleniumDriver.findElement(By.xpath("//a[contains(text(),'Create new configuration')]")).click();


then selenium web driver control stucks on main page, so (following some examples and Selenium documentation) I wrote this code to "switch" control on modal window:

//Store the current window handle
            String parentWindow = seleniumDriver.getWindowHandle();

    //   switch to configuration modal window
    for (String winHandle : seleniumDriver.getWindowHandles()) {

WebDriverWait webDriverWaitHalfMinModal = new WebDriverWait(seleniumDriver, 10L);


                // do something in modal window

                //Close the new window, if that window no more required
               //Switch back to original browser (parent window)


But there is no way to make it work, in fact list of window handles has only 1 element, the main page, and not two elements (main and modal page) and there is no way to find text field in the modal window opened with button press. I point out that the rest of my code is working, I'm not able to work only with modal windows.
My question are:
1) How can I manage properly APACHE WICKET 6 modal windows with Selenium [2.41]? 2) Is there a particularity of Apache Wicket Modal Window that causes this Selenium blindness against it?

I know that this is more a Selenium issue than an Apache Wicket one, but I think that is useful let you know about this (apparently) annoying problem.

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