Browsers don't send the # or anything after it to the server, so you can't
get access to that on the server. You can test this by watching in Firebug
or dev tools in your browser and submitting a request to or anything else. Only the part gets sent to the server. Most
JS frameworks use the # and what's after it for client-side state.

On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 9:36 PM, infiniter <> wrote:

> Wicket version: 6.7.0
> I need to get the url parameters even if there is a #, because I have an
> AngularJS app running inside my Wicket page, which requires it. E.g.:
> "John" is shown by Wicket and AngularJS.
> However if there is a # in the url, the PageParemeters object comes in
> null.
> Is there a way to preprocess the url parameters before converting it to a
> PageParemeters object? Or is there another way?
> Thx,
> Carlos.
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