Hi all,

I'm trying to get something working that should be fairly easy, I think.

I have Nginx sitting in-front of Jetty.
An incoming URL could be: http://rage.glitchbox.nl/param1
The proxy should proxy this to: http://localhost:8080/app/param1
The webapplication is deployed as root application and is the only application 
in that Jetty instance (or Tomcat if that would've been used)
The wicket mount:
mountPage("/app/${param}", AppPage.class); (the "param1" is a dynamic value)

The actual generated HTML is fine.
No images are loaded, no JS, nor any wicket resource.
I've traced this back as to probably being a resource mapping or nginx config 
problem, but I'd love some confirmation on this.
The generated HTML points to the resources as:
Due to the proxy setting, nginx sets this to: 
Do I need to adjust the nginx configuration to filter on "/wicket/" and sent 
those requests through directly? Or do I need to do something about how wicket 
generates the paths for it's requests? No sure how to continue here.

Also, some pages need authentication before they can be accessed, I'm using 
the wicket auth-roles package for this. But when that's being used, something 
weird is going on..
If I request a page that needs authentication it does redirect me to the 
proper login page, that's fine (doesn't load the resources, images/css, 
Upon succesful login the browser is redirected to 
"localhost:8080/app/privilegedpage", instead of 
"http://rage.glitchbox.nl/privilegedpage";. Which I find very strange, is this 
also something in nginx that's wrong or wicket behavior?
This login requirement is enforced through this code, which is in a 
AuthenticatedWebPage implementation:
protected void onConfigure() {
  AuthenticatedWebApplication app = (AuthenticatedWebApplication) 

  if(!AuthenticatedWebSession.get().isSignedIn()) {

The SignInPage is the default SignInPage in the authroles package.

I've googled around quite a bit for fellow nginx/wicket users. But to no real 
avail of a solution.
 (where I've taken my first attempt from and still seems to give the 
best result)
I've also taken a look at:
This for making "http://localhost:8080/app/param1"; into 
"http://localhost:8080/param1";, for the dynamic root mounts but seemed like a 
lot of hassle for something relatively easy, an http proxy in-front of jetty.

If anyone can point me into the right direction, that would be great.

The Nginx reverse proxy mapping:
location / {
  proxy_pass              http://localhost:8080/app/;
  proxy_pass_header       Set-Cookie;
  proxy_pass_header       X-Forwarded-For;
  proxy_set_header        X-Real-IP $remote_addr;
  proxy_pass_header       Host;

Wicket web.xml:
(only thing noteworthy, as Im not sure this correct?)

I'm using the WicketFilter, not the WicketServlet approach.

If required, I'll whip up some quickstart tomorrow, not enough time for that 

Thanks in advance.

Marco Springer

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