How to get PageClass from BufferedResponseRequestHandler ?

At little background: I'm sending processing metrics to Google Analytics,
mentioning the PageClass (if available), used memory, and processing time.
I'm using RequestCycleListener to do the crux of this.

When Wicket's using IPageClassRequestHandler, things are fine.

However, on the "second request" (after redirect to ?pageVersion), Wicket's
using BufferedResponseRequestHandler, and I can't get the PageClass.

A related question is how do I "link" related requests? Logically, I want
this to happen:

1. User navigates to /contact
2. [http-thread-1] Begin RequestGroup -> sets starting mem usage, page
class, etc.
3. [http-thread-1] page processing
4. Wicket redirects to /contact?0
5. [http-thread-2] page rendered
6. [http-thread-2] End RequestGroup -> calculates mem usage, etc. between

I tried to use ThreadLocal but since thread is different, the information
stored in step #2 is lost.

Thank you.

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